For our tenth annual Hiring Trends survey, we received over 3,000 responses from professionals and employers across Canada. This year, employers tackled familiar problems in hiring and retention while employees raised their expectations around compensation and job satisfaction.

Here are some creative solutions to familiar problems

Each year, employers report a persistent skills shortage, and this year was no different. In the past, the skills gap primarily affected productivity levels and limited new projects. Increasingly, it is affecting employee satisfaction as well. Today, more than half of surveyed employees report higher stress levels on their teams as workers strive to produce the same results with fewer resources. With over 45 per cent of employers citing local competition for talent and salary as their biggest hiring challenges, conditions are ripe for embracing creative solutions to familiar problems.

1. Offering flexible working options
2. Investing resources towards internal talent development
3. Highlighting and showcasing your company’s unique employer brand

Over the next 12 months, we believe innovative, data-driven hiring strategies will position companies for success, and we are pleased to deliver the research to support them.

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