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Are your salary and reward offerings competitive in the current market? If you are revising your cost structures and/or determining your salary packages for the next financial year, our bespoke benchmarking solution can help.

Our tailored approach means that we can effectively benchmark salaries for all requirements. No matter what your industry or company type – private, public or semi-government, we will ensure that you receive the most robust, real-time data to determine the best remuneration strategy for your organisation. We can advise on both permanent and contract roles, as well as remuneration for nationalisation initiatives, including Emiratisation and Saudization. 

Benefits of benchmarking your salaries

  • Inform organisation restructuring
  • Improve commercial competitiveness and gain long-term cost savings
  • Develop attraction strategies for your future recruitment needs
  • Improve employee retention and attraction rate


Our salary benchmarking is conducted by a dedicated research team who deliver targeted salary and reward data, specific to your organisation’s demographic. Each project is based on tangible, real-time market data which is gathered from a number of sources, including:

  • Similar jobs that we have recently recruited for in the Middle East
  • Hays annual salary survey which details salaries and benefits of more than 4,000 individuals working within multiple industries, company types and job categories in the region
  • Professionals who are working for competitors or similar company types
  • Expected salaries of relevant job seekers in the market

Case studies

We have an extensive track record of producing in-depth bespoke salary benchmarking reports to support our clients’ remuneration and reward strategies. Please note, due to the nature of the projects this information is confidential however, here is an overview of some of our recent assignments:

  • Large-scale hospital project, UAE: Hays were appointed to conduct a compensation and benefits report for a new medical facility opening in Dubai. The team identified optimal salary and benefits rates for all 100+ positions, varying from back office support roles to niche, senior, clinical roles
  • Oil-drilling company, UAE: The client required salary and benefits data for 26 different job titles across offshore, workshop, management and ops management departments. As agreed in the brief, Hays researched the salaries paid for these roles at 5 key competitors in order to establish where the client could better optimise salaries in order to attract and retain top talent
  • Investment fund, Qatar: Hays undertook research to benchmark the salaries for 20 senior investment roles. The team spoke with 3-5 professionals currently working in each role at competitor organisations. The result was a comprehensive report listing ranges and average salaries for each required job title
  • Start-up medical facility, Saudi Arabia: Hays conducted a compensation and benefits report for the new C-suite office of the hospital group. Speaking with 20 industry-relevant CEO’s from leading hospitals, healthcare management and investment companies across the GCC region, Hays successfully delivered accurate remuneration data, including viable ranges and average salary rates, for the new Executive team

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