Hays Accounting & Finance Salary Guide 2019

In this publication, you will find comprehensive information about recruitment, retention, loyalty and salaries from Accounting & Finance departments in Belgium over the past 12 months. Our sample is the representation of feedback from both employers and employees in a survey sent to over 16,000 people. Our network of offices in Belgium gathers all the data needed to consolidate trends for jobs in the Accounting & Finance department. The data takes into account the salaries of both those who are in the job market and those who are not actively job searching at the moment. We have chosen to group the most representative professions into 2 families: Managerial and operational positions.

The key points to bear in mind for the Accounting & Finance departments:

  • A recruitment market under stress
  • Onboarding policies to be optimised within the department
  • Salary is not the number one criterion for loyalty

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