Our Salary Guide offers a market overview of the Belgian IT industry and typical salaries at this point in time. On top of that, it offers insights in market and recruitment trends for the sector that are happening today or will in the near future.

It allows hiring managers, candidates and current employees to benchmark average salaries across a variety of different job titles ranging from data engineer, to software developer, IT support and many more, and to understand even better what the needs of companies and candidates are.

How to use our salary guide as a hiring manager?

As a hiring manager, you can use the Hays salary guide to help your business be competitive in securing top talent and retaining top employees. By having an understanding of average salaries across your industry, you can offer a competitive salary in order to attract top talent for your job listing.

How to use the salary guide as a candidate or current employee?

You can use the salary guide to benchmark your salary and ensure you’re getting paid fairly and competitively. Benchmarking your salary, but also benefits and work environment, will also give you an understanding into how your current company is paying, which can be useful to help you negotiate higher pay in your current role or to determine your next career move.

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