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Profiling UK's major and upcoming office locations and influences

Discover the must know facts and figures for office location decisions in this UK city profiling report.

The choice of location can have far reaching implications for any business. There are a myriad of factors to consider, and getting it right is complex. To help you avoid making costly location mistake we've partnered with UK location strategy team of Deloitte to cover some of these key location decision influencers you’re likely to deliberate if you’re considering relocation in the UK, moving into the UK or looking into your relocation footprint.

  • Office market availability and costs
  • Transport links and living costs
  • Talent availability and costs
  • Key employers and sectors of employment

As part of the UK's leading specialist recruitment business we recognise the importance skills plays in this decision, and the rising demand for digital skills. In this UK skills location report we don't just cover the typical major UK locations but we also profile cities with a strength in the digital arena.

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Missed our recent webinar? Our webinar along with the Skilled Cities report is for those who are currently weighing up the plethora of location options the UK has to offer, and should help better inform on where to open your next UK office. Watch now