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The Covid-19 pandemic may have caused some organisations to unintentionally stall their equality, diversity and inclusion agendas, as they pivoted all their focus to mitigating the impact of the coronavirus.

However, it has caused many to question their values and beliefs, and reflect on how they can make a more positive difference in the world, including in their professional lives. This has been compounded further by the emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement, that saw its origin in the United States but quickly turned global, placing the world’s spotlight – once again – on the tragic impact of continued inequality and bias in our societies.

In our recent survey taken by over 13,000 professionals in the UK, we asked how attitudes towards equality, diversity and inclusion have changed in recent months, and whether organisations are acting on these evolving sentiments.

Download our snapshot to discover:

  • How employers and employees perceive the focus on diversity and inclusion within organisations to have changed in recent months
  • How the focus on diversity and inclusion within organisations has been affected by the Black Lives Matter movement
  • The importance that employees attribute to organisational diversity and inclusion polices

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