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Last year, we launched our first What Workers Want report, examining the priorities of employees and the nuances that influence their career-related decisions. With over 15,000 copies distributed in 2017, we recognise the demand from employers for detailed insight into what workers want.

This year, we have stepped back to the point before someone becomes an employee, examining the applicant journey and what influences people to apply to and accept new jobs, as well as how they become successfully established into their new roles.

Download your copy of the report to discover how your brand, application processes, communications and interviews affect a professional’s decision to accept a job at your organisation.

This year’s report looks at the four stages of the applicant journey; Search, Apply, Decide and Join; and highlights areas where employers can improve their processes and avoid roadblocks to find the best professionals.

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Download a copy of the report for essential recommendations on how to be a more effective employer, making you better able to retain and attract the talent you need.