Wellbeing matters

Wellbeing Matters

Our latest What Workers Want report, Wellbeing Matters, has been created from a survey of over 16,000 professionals from across the UK between April and May 2020, examining the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on wellbeing, and how employers are taking steps to support their workforce.

The report will help you understand the true impact of the lockdown on wellbeing and will give you the advice and insight you need to make real changes to benefit your team.

Download our report today to discover:

  • How workers have been impacted by lockdown, and how they believe their wellbeing has fared
  • Which industries and professions are doing most for their workers, and which are failing to offer adequate support
  • What changes you can make to offer additional wellbeing support to your teams
  • What professionals expect the future to hold, and what lessons they believe can be learned
  • Recommendations for both employees and employees to help manage and improve wellbeing now, and in the uncertain future

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