Seven steps to improve your contingent workforce management

Learn how to set your non-employee workforce programme up for success in the long-term. As organisations increasingly rely on contingent workers, many are realising the importance of setting up best practice programmes and processes to optimise how they find, engage and manage this integral resource effectively. But as with any business change the path to success is not without its pitfalls in the short-term.

To stop your present hindering your future, in this guide you’ll find recommendations from contingent workforce programme leads and industry experts. It addresses typical barriers and issues faced, and outlines seven steps to realising the full potential value of your solution. Including how to:

  • Gain visibility on the organisation’s business case
  • Accurately map out the needs and objectives 
  • Select the suitable providers
  • Engage the right people
  • Set up a change management methodology 
  • Select and adopt the right VMS technology
  • Enable your suppliers

The new era of workforce management and talent acquisition are essential factors in realising your organisation’s future. When the complexity of business landscape is interfering with immediate priorities and contextual changes, many struggle to keep up. Download the report to understand the lessons learned behind 61 complex business cases and how to avoid falling into the 70% of contingent workforce programmes that don’t realise their potential within the first year of rollout.

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