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In our 14th Issue, we delve into topics such as automation and its impact on HR, the impact of flexible working on team dynamics, the rise in employee burnout and much more.

Sneak peek:

How AI is impacting HR
While automation is nothing new, chatbots and the use of AI for internal communication is definitely on the rise. And, though they can streamline many processes, these technologies also bring challenges. In this blog, we consider how they can benefit HR professionals.

The employee burnout conundrum
There is a growing epidemic of employee burnout for many businesses. But what is causing this, and how can organisations do more to counteract it? Here, we look at what you and your company can do to help staff avoid burning out.

The impact of flexible working on team work
Many modern workforces have become more flexible, agile and fluid. Employees may spend increasing amounts of time working from home or across different areas of the business. We explore challenges this present to a team’s dynamic.


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