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Salary Guide 2021

Welcome to the current issue of the Hays Salary Guide for for 2021.

The slight slowdown in recruitment at the turn of 2019 and 2020 was a harbinger of the impending change in the labour market, however, few people probably expected such a turbulent year. The coronavirus pandemic has affected people and businesses around the world and remains a major theme driving the economy and the world of work.

In this year's Salary Guide, we again focus on the main trends in the labour market, both in general and in detail, according to specific industry specialisms. We bring current wage overviews in more than 700 job positions across industries and, despite further difficulties to predict, we outline another direction in which labour markets in individual specialisms can take.

The publication also includes the results of a survey of employers and job seekers conducted after the first wave of the pandemic to find out how the company and employees perceive the changes, how these have affected their market activities and how they plan their future actions based on this new experience.

We hope that the Hays 2021 Salary Guide will be a source of useful information for you and that you will use it in your further recruitment or career decision planning.​

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